Not possible to ARM in HIL mode

Thanks for update.
As usual for me, :laughing: , I just want to give info that HIL mode not working in Arduplane 3.5.
It was perfectly ok in 3.4.
Problem is it’s impossible to arm in 3.5. I’ve try many combinaison without success.
Even with ARMING_CHECK = 0.

So I downgrade to 3.4 and it’s ok.

PS: it could a good idea to change mission planner default parameter gain to “gain = 500” and not “10000” for 4 valuse that are not functionnal in MP for HIL since Arduplane 3.2…

Thanks again for all your work !

Since SITL ( software in the loop) was made, HIL(hardware in the loop) gets a lot less love than it used to… as its essentially been made redundant.