Normal Switch instead of usual Safety Switch

Is it possible to use a normal switch (on/off) instead of the usual safety switches? How do I have to wire the switch then? What do I have to change in Mission Planner?

Why you want to do that?

The safety switch is a push button not an on/off swtich.

Because I have a built-in switch in my frame and I want to use it.

Use it then. Flip it on, wait for it to activate and flip it off. Or disable the switch and forget about it. The 1st time I had to reach thru the props to press the button was the last time I used a safety switch on a multirotor. That was ~10 models ago.

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The safety switch is a lousy alternative to “Emergency Stop” :slight_smile:
And there aren’t any good places for an E-stop button on a copter either.

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