Normal flight to auto land transition behavior

plane: flying wing
arduplane 3.03

I noticed that my wing tends to drop off throttle sharply right at the transition point between normal flight and the start of auto land phase regardless of whether or not its needed. It’s not an issue when the flight path is already aligned with the land wp as since it lends with the descend. However, when there is a U turn following the transition the plane tends to compensate the throttle drop off by pitching the plane down and up right before the turn. I tried to tune out this behavior by changing all the TECS_LAND params but so far had no succeeded. Can anyone take a look at the log and help with minimizing the drastic pitch instability right at the transition to auto land please?

In the log you will see that I’ve put the plane into the landing pattern a number of times to observe and try to correct for the pitch instability. The typical pitch adjustments are much less noticeable during a normal banking/turning maneuver.