Noob in of immense help

ok. so first off, im completely new to the drone facet of remote control devices…thank you to any and all that don’t drown me in belittlement.

that being said, im having a hell of a time getting my drivers on my computer in order to get the initial setup taken care of. its rather a pain in the ass to be honest. I have an apple computer and I have downloaded the mission planner and have gotten it to recognize the Pixhawk but im not able to get the display to show version numerics on the screen when attempting to download to the craft. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind of lost you at the end.

Can you put up some screen shots of your computer screen so we can understand what you are up against.

p.s. no one should belittle you here as everyone here were a total ____before they learned a thing or two :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it greatly. Since encountering that problem I have dismantled this drone and am moving on in another direction. I fell as though I had some faulty/cheaply cloned hardware, and I’ve just had so many hurdles with this project I’ve decided to go another way. But thank you greatly for trying to help me with this problem.

There are some good intro videos on Youtube on Mission Planner and how to setup a copter/Plane etc.

Good luck…