None GoPro camera...?

Well it is tax refund season and I have been looking at Iris for quite sometime… I am a nature/landscape photographer and have a couple questions concerning the use of a camera other than GoPro.

I have a Canon G15.

  1. Thoughts on fabricating adapter to mount G15 on the GoPro gimbal? I imagine this will move the weight forward some. Will this be a problem. My thinking is to build a mount adapter that will fit the gimbal and hold the G15 in either a horizontal or vertical orientation… Bad idea or doable?

  2. The G15 would require a simple momentary switch closure to fore the camera. I have been skimming some of the on-line resources and have found nothing on how this might be accomplished. My idea of a simple mission plan would be to climb to whatever altitude, fire the camera, rotate x degrees, rite the camera… etc etc… Is this doable with Iris? Would I need any other peripherals?

Not looking for detailed how to’s at this point. General answers would be fine… I was looking at starting out with the Iris and the T-2D gimbal… Thanks!

I’m thinking that the camera and the tarot gimbal together will be slightly too heavy for the iris +. The Iris says it has a carrying capacity of 400g. The Tarot gimbal is 200g and I think your G15 is 352g for a total of 552g. I bet it would probably carry it but it will be real sluggish in my opinion.


Thanks, I wasn’t considering the gimbal weight… Might have to consider a lighter mount…

I am still curious about triggering the camera via the software…