Non-smooth output to servos

Hello, I am having issues with the output to the servos. I have a dragonlink sending ppm into the pixhawk, and the servos on its outputs. I can have servos move perfectly smooth when direct on the RX, but when on the pixhawk in armed mode, they move… not very smoothly. Almost as if they only get a few updates per second instead of 50hz like the radio sends.

I’ve not messed with any of the weirder settings, I’ve calibrated the radio, all the channels are correct, everything moves as it should, just jumpily. What can I do?

I should mention that the ppm signal is smooth too. I have another device on the aircraft driving servos from it and they are smooth.

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I know this is 6 years ago, but just wondering if you managed to resolve the issue. I have the same problem.