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No yaw indication on radio calibration page

(Linden Reeder) #1

Hello guys,

I’m having a problem with getting the yaw indicator on the radio calibration page to move when I move the rudder stick on my controller. The indicator stays at 1500ms. Also my channel 4 on the FC does not work. My aileron, elevator, and throttle indicators work. I’m using Pixhawk arduplane v 3.9.6.


(Cullen Chong) #2

Hey Smallboy808,
I figured it out. (in case you readers are wondering, we’re working together on this plane)
The receiver we are using is a FrSky S8R which is a stabilized receiver that we disable to make it just a normal receiver. Well it turns out its not quite a normal receiver because the channel 4 is disabled for some reason. When I plugged in my FrSky X8R which is just a normal receiver the rudder channel 4 works just fine. Now I’m curious as to why the S8R doesn’t work.