No Yaw control, uncontrollable with TX

Hallo, I loaded new Arducopter FW (4.0.7) on my Matek F765, which sits on custom quadcopter and today
I tried first flight with this configuration. Everything calibrated, default values setup. After take of and short hovering quad started to yaw uncontrolled and any of my interventions with yaw lever had no effect. I landed somehow, landing gear bit damaged, but quad itself seems to be OK. When downloaded log from this flight, didn’t find anything strange in it. Can someone look at the log if there is some clue to the yaw control problem?2021-04-10 (259.3 KB)

I think you are having compass interference. I plotted current vs compass field and you can see that as you apply current the compass starts going a bit crazy. This is for all three compasses (only showing one on graph). I would recommend disabling internal compasses and setting your external compass on a higher mast.

Yep, that point I omitted, thanks for info. Anyway I wonder if Matek 765 wing does have onboard compass. When I did mag calibration, I saw only one of three bars changing - that was external compass along with GPS module.
What I didn’t do was the CompassMot calibration. Anyway thanks for pointing me.