No Yaw control after takeoff

I’m using an mRo Pixracer on a pretty small quad with 5 inch props and I seem to have no yaw control. I intend to use the quad indoors with motion capture so I disabled the compasses although they occasionally turned themselves back on and looking at the flight log it looks like USE_COMPASS_3 was set to true which doesn’t make any sense because there is no third compass, just the two internal ones. and I have pretty much zero yaw control. At low throttle on the ground the correct motors spin up when I give a pitch or roll command but as soon as I take off the quad starts rotating quickly in a counterclockwise direction and if I yaw hard enough to the right it will eventually start rotating the other way but it never settles out, its always spinning like crazy both in stabilize and acro modes with the default yaw gains. The motors are spinning in the correct directions and I’ve double checked that the correct pwm channels are going to the right motors and roll and pitch would be controllable if the yaw would settle down and once or twice the yaw was slow enough that I could verify that pitch and roll were controllable with only small oscilations. To rule out motor and/or ESC issues I tried it on another frame with different motors and ESCs and had the same problem so I’m guessing its some sort of software issue. Here is my last flight log with the different motors and ESCs, if anyone can figure out what is going on that would help a ton because I literally don’t know what else to check.

No access to that log
But it is impossible for there to be any yaw control without a compass. I think you’d have to disable pre-arm checks to arm without a compasstoo, and that’s always a bad idea.
You can fly without a GPS but positioning is poor and you miss out on all the good features of Ardupilot.

EDIT: well technically it’s possible to detect and control yaw without a compass using the gyros and accelerometers, but that aint gonna happen on a small quad.
Also it’s best to calibrate your compass outside with a working GPS receiver fitted.