No XYZ values for magnetometer

Where is the magnetometer located in the SV? I believe the one in mine has stopped functioning. I tried doing a calibration and the fixed was successful but no change. The rotating never shows a progress bar and yes I held the SV out and twisted around for several mins and nothing. Mag sensor values are all 0. All other calibrations are successful.

Connected to MP and I get Bad Compass Health which I got once before but a run through calibrations fixed. I don’t find any log type files on the SD card.

It’s on the GPS board. Try reseating the connectors.

Thank you Sir! That was the culprit. I thought that was where it would be but I was getting satellites connecting so discounted it.

The sensor shows the values now and I was able to do the rotating mag calibration successfully. No errors in MP. Back in the air again.

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