No telemetry data on controller

As I play more with the IRIS+ I have noticed that I am not receiving telemetry data on the controller. Is there something in particular I need to do to enable this? My manual/checklist just says it should be there, but doesn’t talk about anything which might disable it, or anything I need to do to enable it.

Are there certain switch settings on the controller? or a particular firmware I should be using (I have 3.2 Tri).

any help would be appreciated.


I’m having the same problem with my Iris+. I messed it all up, playing with some settings, and had to re-program the radio, one step at a time, via 3dr’s site. Which also requires rebinding of the radio to the RX. Now everything works, Iris+ will arm, fly, connect to Droid Planner, etc. etc. BUT I get all zero’s on my radio screen, for sats, etc. etc. I’m suspecting there is yet another binding procedure to bind the telemetry part of the RX. When my FSTH9X is turned on, I get a solid red light, and a flashing green light, on the back of the radio, on the TX module, just above the Bind button. And yes, both dip switches are in the down position. Me thinks this flashing green is not right, but I haven’t found any reference to that, “YET” Still searching… :question:

Check this parameter is set correctly so that it sends the data back to the radio. … 2_protocol

It needs to be set to 3.

Flashing green is good for Tx.


And where is that setting to be found?

In Mission Planner, once you connect to your copter. Click on the Config/Tunning icon.
Then click on Standard Parameters and make sure the check box is set next to the Advanced Menu View.

Then click on Full Parameter List. Click Ok to the Raw Parameter Warning.

Scroll down to the “SERIAL2_PROTOCOL” and make sure it’s set to 2 or 3. Mission Planner says its 2 and the wiki says its 3.

If you change something make sure you click on Write Params or it won’t be saved to the copter.


Thanks Mike, mine was/is set to number 1 (mavlink) Tried number 2, wrote, still nothing on radio. My radio display does not even change the when I change modes. But the modes do change in Mission Planner. Like I said, I can arm, fly, activate all 3 modes, and all are anounced on Droid Planner and my tablet, but the radio display just shows zero’s ??? It was working before I did the “re-programing” of the radio. I have re-checked all the settings. I sure wish I’d have kept the stock settings before I re-dooed it.

Also to note, when I “re-bound” my TX to my Iris+, I did not do the fail safe step. When my radio is on, and Iris+ on, the module on the back of my radio has a solid red, with a flashing green next to it ???

The procedure is documented here. … telemetry/

In addition some more parameters may need to be set. … parameters


OK, thanks Guys, I finally am getting it sorted out, phew… Lots to learn, my heads gonna explode! :astonished: