No signal from servo on tilt param

I’m trying to setup quadplane with tiltrotors. I’m following arduplane docs for tiltrotor setup and now I’m stucked with servo not working.
I connected servo to output1 and assigned SERVO1_FUNCTION=76 (TiltMotorFrontRight). The problem is there is no signal from servo and no response in SETUP->Mandatory hardware->servo output. But if I change SERVO1_FUNCTION=76 to SERVO1_FUNCTION=4 (Aileron) it works perfectly and there is a signal. What could it be?

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hello greetings,
i have the same problem too, no servo signal showing on the servo output tab, tilting wont work in qStabilise, Qhover, manual , FBWA any mode.
my arduplane version is V4.1.2.
any one who solved this ?
thanks in advance.

we’d need a log showing you switching between MANUAL mode and QHOVER mode. Use LOG_DISARMED=1. Also include info on all of the servo output connections you have