No Roll or Pitch Control in Poshold or Loiter modes

I have a quadcopter (X-frame) that flies fine in all manual modes and Althold as well as keeping it’s position well in both Poshold and Loiter modes. However, when in the two latter modes I lose any ability to control Pitch and Roll, the sticks do nothing despite yaw working as normal. Has anybody experienced this before or have any insight?

Post a link to .bin flight log file where this was experienced.

These are the logs for my last 3 flights, I was doing various tests but I’m pretty sure I went in to Loiter and Poshold in all of them at some point and tried moving to no effect.

This must be a mode switch fatigue test. In any case the brief periods where you were in Loiter there was no pitch or roll input. PosHold wasn’t used. Another log had no Loiter and the 3rd showed about the same with a brief switch to PosHold.

Make another flight flying in Loiter and post ONE log.

Thank you for the assistance, I’m not sure what I did but after a week of tinkering with no success I have somehow been able to resolve the issue. I now have all controls available in both Loiter and Poshold modes. I am linking my last flight log below in case it helps anyone diagnose what the problem was and how it was resolved.