No rc receiver message


I flew today : heron multiplex - taranisx9d - pixracer r15 mrobotics - arduplane 4.0.3

I had 4 times " no rc receiver " on the lua script on taranis x9d

I can’t see it in the log

Can somebody guide me



Good day, do you have saw this behavior during the fly or when you must arm your plane?

good morning

it was during flight

ok… just check the position of the antenna of your receiver,…what kind of receiver are you using

I am using r-xsr from frsky

The issue could be linked to throttle failsafe tbc

I am also interested to understand how to find the error messages in th elog


Good day, just be sure that both antennas are not crossed…your receiver must be far from noise sources…just send me pls your log…

The 2 antennas are at 90 degrees

I really appreciate your help

do you mind pls attach a pic of the positions of your antennas

here it is


Your receiver it’s no near the gps module and one antenna it’s too near a cable.
you must reposition one antenna coz the cable can disturb the signal…
ive done some tests with my frsky, x4rsb… only near electronic source or crossing the antennas i notice the message no rc receiver


i moved 3 cm the antenna and I have less errors.

I am still puzzled on how to see the error “no rc receiver” in the log file

personally i don’t have saw error about this in your log

Which Lua script are you using that is producing this message?

The one from craft&theory

OK. I suppose you will have to ask C&T. I like the Yaapu script and support here for it is great.