No motor spin with Matek 743-Wing

I have set up a hexacopter with a Matek 743-Wing V3 and Hobbywing Platinum 30a esc. I was following the set up procedure but when I try to test the motors in mission planner, nothing happens.
When it starts, the motors beep once and then don’t beep again. If the esc are unplugged, the continuously beep.

I’m confident in the wiring and was able to get the motors to spin when wired directly to the receiver.

If I had to guess, I have something wrong with my parameters.

Attached should be my parameters list. Any help is appreciated.
Chicken.param (19.9 KB)

If this isn’t the right place to post, would someone be able to direct me to a better place to ask my question?

I don’t see anything in that parameter file preventing the motors from running in Motor Test.

I just checked with another motor esc combo. It would run when throttle was applied but wouldn’t run during the motor tests.

Anything special I need to do for the motor test that I am missing?

What I am doing now is pluggin the battery in, plugging the flight controller, connecting it, and clicking test all.

Edit: I should mention the previous esc and motor combos still do not work.

Hi, I’m still a rookie in Ardupilot but I was wondering if the motors were armed ? Because it seems like the ESCs detect the signal coming from the Flight Controller so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, unless the motors are disarmed.

Increase the throttle percentage?

You don’t have to Arm for Motor Test. If there is a Safety Switch, which there isn’t on this Flight Controller, you do have to push that.

Increased it all the way to 15%

There are starting and finishing messages on the Message screen after running it?

All it says in the messages tab are starting motor test and finished motor test.

Just did a motor test at 100% with another motor. It spun. Not smoothly but it did spin.

I figured it out.

I needed to calibrate the escs first. I wasn’t able to calibrate them at first but figured out that I needed to plug in the autopilot, let it start, then plug my escs in to start the calibration procedure.