No matter any combination of Servo1/2 & RC1/2 reversal and elevons, stabilized roll is always backwards

Mission Planner is proving to be a huge pain when it comes to elevon/vtail…

Anyway, I see a few threads on this same question go mostly unanswered.

My current setup:

No channels reversed
No mixing

CH1 -> Right Elevon
CH2 -> Left Elevon
CH3 -> Throttle

Servo1_Reversed -> 0
Servo2_Reversed -> 1
RC1_ Reversed -> 1
RC2_Reversed -> 1

In manual mode, the above connections work just perfect.
In Stabilization, the sticks still work just fine, but the auto-stablize always rolls in the wrong direction to correct.

My pixhawk is positioned correctly, artificial horizon proves that to be true… But no amount of screwing with those 4 settings has ANY effect on elevon roll in Stabilize mode. This leads me to believe there is a bug in MissionPlanner, but maybe there’s some other setting I’m missing?

I’m swapped channels around in my receiver, putting left on CH1 and right on CH2, and after reconfiguring I STILL have no change on the elevon roll. further, swapping CH1 and CH2 on the receiver actually has NO effect… which is magic. How is that even possible?

Bug, right?