No matching arducopter parameters? version 4.2.3

Arducopter version 4.2.3

Mission Planner version 1.3.77 build 1.38110.38294

I’m atempting to restore my Arducopter version 4.2.3 full pram list to my Cube orange, and are getting this Missing 29 Params? same firmware.

I’ve been switching between PX4 and Arducopter firmware for testing purposes. The first time I loaded the full pram list I don’t recall this happening, but when I defaulted all params to then atempt to load my saved full param list again for the same Arducopter firmware version, to find missing params. whch does not make sense to me.

Also It seems when connecting mission planner to Cube orange via mavlink, it seems to not take as long to download the params which is weird.

You always have to load the same parameter file twice. with a reboot in between.
Only then you can guarantee a full parameter restore.

Okay So I just tried to load the full param list again, and yes i’ts been restarted now, but are yelding the same result, I think I get what you are saying, certian params are unlocked when certian params are set and rebooted.

So my guess is that this is not being handeled correctly by mission planner?
4.2.3 Ardupilot3.param (16.9 KB)

Can drivers look disabled that’s most likely why.

Update: Yep that was it, once I enabled CAN_P1_DRIVER and CAN_P2_DRIVER I then was able to save reboot then load my same full pram list back without the 29 missing param message.

So it does have to do with how this “restore of full param list” is being handeled.