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"No map available" in MAVProxy

Hi all,

recently I wanted to fly with ArduCopter and Pixracer outdoors, controlled by MAVProxy without any internet connection. I could enter GUIDED-mode but when I tried to takeoff MAVProxy said “No map available” and refused the action. I do not exactly understand which map is meant. I started MAVProxy without the --map option. Where does this error come from? Does the GUIDED-mode require a internet connection at the ground station?

Thank you!

Any command in guided mode (using the guided LAT LON ALTITUDE command) does require that the map module is active.

You can cache to maps for offline use by activating the map module when you have an Internet connection. All map tiles downloaded and automatically cached.

Hmm. Does that mean there still isn’t a method for taking off automatically if the system has no RC attached? It might seem reasonable the user knows exactly where they need to fly before they go to an out of coverage area but that is often not the case in real life. We are developing a search and rescue vehicle. These guys have no idea what area they will be assigned to search until they get to the command post. Can the arm/throttle and takeoff commands be the exception to allow takeoff and then change the mode to auto after that? In fact I think there are other use cases for just moving the vehicle based on what they see from the camera where guided without maps make sense.

I’m not sure if I get you right. There takeoff-command works perfectly based on the actual GPS-position. Since this position is determined from the sensor information, you do not have to provide it explicitely.

My question was why I need the map for flying in guided mode. The solution is to provide full GPS-coordinates instead of only the altitude, even if you only want to change altitude. If you always use “GUIDED LAT LON ALT” it works without any internet connection and map.

Hope that helps.

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