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NO learning Mode in rover 3.12

(Larry A Amati) #1

Just uploaded rover 3.12.When I went to set modes there was no learning mode.
What am I missing?

(rmackay9) #2

Do you mean Rover-3.2.1-rc1? the version that is in beta testing? Or maybe you’re using the beta mission planner?

In any case, in Rover-3.1.2 (the older version) learning mode is still there but if you’re using beta mission planner it may not appear in the drop-down list. If you use the official mission planner it should appear though.

By the way, in Rover-3.2.1 we’ve removed learning mode and rely just on the channel 7 auxiliary switch to save waypoints while driving.

(Larry A Amati) #3

Thanks for responding Randy.
I am using beta MP and I will revert to orig now.
Also I will install beta 3.21 firmware.I will let you know how it gos.

(Larry A Amati) #4

SOLVED! Thanks Randy for all of your help.Auto mode works fine now.
BUT,Not in other modes.I have to go to flight editor and lay out a mission for it to work.