NO learning Mode in rover 3.12

Just uploaded rover 3.12.When I went to set modes there was no learning mode.
What am I missing?

Do you mean Rover-3.2.1-rc1? the version that is in beta testing? Or maybe you’re using the beta mission planner?

In any case, in Rover-3.1.2 (the older version) learning mode is still there but if you’re using beta mission planner it may not appear in the drop-down list. If you use the official mission planner it should appear though.

By the way, in Rover-3.2.1 we’ve removed learning mode and rely just on the channel 7 auxiliary switch to save waypoints while driving.

Thanks for responding Randy.
I am using beta MP and I will revert to orig now.
Also I will install beta 3.21 firmware.I will let you know how it gos.

SOLVED! Thanks Randy for all of your help.Auto mode works fine now.
BUT,Not in other modes.I have to go to flight editor and lay out a mission for it to work.

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