No heartbeat packet received

Hi All, my first posting and question really need assistance from all the experts on this one. Using adrupilot px4 on side of controller it says ProfiCNC.

Have gone through all initial stages and set up
Quad will arm and motors will spin
GPS has a good lock
Able to connect through usb cable
When removing usb cable and attempting to connect keep getting no heartbeat
Hooked up usb cable connected to Pix4 again
Entered sic radio screen
Ground module and air module showing a green led on both
Went through set up on sic radio screen, it loaded all information and it shpowed receiver and transmitter data, Compared data all looked good.
Green bar appeared and info was processing through the different stages
Received success notification.
Still will not connect. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The radio is used with the battery. unplug the usb change to the radio port mine is com 6 and set the baud rate to 5600. hit connect.

Hi, thank you for your response. I’ve been looking like a monkey with a long stick poking around at the pix4 controller for two days now and haven’t got any results.
I tried as you stated to unplug the usb. Using a windows 10 system on a lap top I chose auto select to chose the correct port . It selected com 8 and I was able to communicate to the flight controller through having the usp connected but once again the telemetry would not connect. Went to change the Badu rate in mission planner and the rate you suggested was not available. was not available in the pull down selection. After a bit more research found that a special driver is required to operate the telemetry ground tx/ rx. I down loaded it. Still nothing. I am sure that I am not the only one that this has happen to. Really appreciate you trying to assist! Thank you