No heartbeat anymore please help

Hey i made something wrong :smiley: i need help if it has a solution.
So i connect my Arducopter (APM 2.8) to my computer. I just wanna move my servo motor with my Arducopter. I uploaded servo motor control program because it shows arduino mega 2560 on port. I selected that after i wrote like over happend and PM signals(LEDs) gone they stopped working.
I clicked many times reset button but i didn’t help me.
So i don’t know what shall i do because i don’t wanna throw up the card :confused:

Good day,
if you corrupted the bootloader the solution is reflash it.
You need and stlink for flash it to the main MCU

i don’t know how to reflash it can you explain please ?

If you already have the stlink with stlink tool,
before flash the bootloader you need access the swd pads on your fc…following the correct pinout… SWD… RST… SWCLK, as some stlink cannot provide a good power, i suggest you power the fc with usb or better from power module.
Did you try flash again the correct firmware on your fc?

Thanx for helping me . But i solved different way i uploaded again. Firmware ArduPlane 4.0.9 :smiley: so after uploaded i saw again. I connected after ant it works entirely.

Missionplanner did not upload Arduplane 4.09. It selected the last compatible firmware for the ancient APM 2.8, which is 3.4.

Work is getting hard i think did i do right or mistake i really don’t understand APM still working when i connect it shows degree it’s moving also :confused:

It just probably flashed the latest available for that board anyway! Tell us what version it’s running by connecting to the board and looking at the window name while connected!

hi everybody, noob here.
recently I have brought an APM 2.8 modulo for a quadricopter, installed the latest firmware and it doesn’t allow me to make any kind of calibration; with some research i found out that i needed to change the firmware with an older version, but the mission planner wouldn’t allow me to do so. I followed the reset of the parameters and try to download and upload a custom firmware but It doesn’t work (an error message pops out and stops the upload); at this point I tried the reset button on the board but now I can’t even connect with the Mission Planner, There’s only a message of “No hearthbeat anymore”. Does anyone know how to help me, please?.

This was your 1st mistake. APM’s have not been supported in 7 years. The last version of Copter that supported the APM was 3.2.1. You can download the .hex file from here- APM 3.2.1 and try using the “Load custom firmware” option in Mission Planner.

I already tried several times but the upload failed several times, and After the reset the Mission planner isn’t able to connect with the APM. So basically, I can’t even upload the firmware because the APM doesn’t connect with the Mission planner.

So in Device Manager under Ports there isn’t a “Atmega 2560” or something like that?

Yeah, there Is, but when i tried to connect though It After 30 seconds It goes on no heartbeat and fails. I tried 5 times, even waited some hours before re-trying, but the result Is the same.

Try an old archived version of Mission planner like 1.3.30
Old and out of date MP’s