No GPS without Mission Planner?

Arduflyer 2.5.2

New hexacopter custom built almost ready to fly…

I do tests at home with mission planner running and get 8+ sats and GPS lock in my living room.

Go to the field without laptop and Mission Planner, NO sats, No lock…

Go home, No sats, No lock… Fire up the Laptop and mission Planner and BINGO. 8 Sats within seconds.

Is Mission Planner required for GPS or is there something wrong?


No, Mission Planner is not required to receive satellites.
When you use MP you are powering the APM with your USB connection from your PC.
However, when you are in the field you are powering your APM with either a Power Module or a BEC?
It sounds like your GPS, APM or both are not being powered when out in the field.
You really should have telemetry incase something goes wrong.

Not connecting to APM with USB cable. Always using the USB/radio…

Does not seem to be a power issue. I have 4.8V volts across VCC abd gnd on the telemetry port regardless of whether I have data out of the OSD. When connecting MP the VCC does not change but data then appears on OSD.

Again, I am not using USB to connect MP. This is being done via wireless…

I can disconnect MP and data remains on OSD.