No GPS until I power it with a USB cable

Hi, I’ve got the HKPilot32 and everything had been working. Now I get “No GPS” in mission planner (and no blue flashing light on the GPS) until I power it with a USB cable from a computer. Ublox 6H GPS and I’ve got two of them and they both do the same thing so I assume it’s the FC.

I’m assuming it’s a power supply issue from the FC.

I’m not sure it’s worth trying to track down or diagnose, unless it’s a software issue or an easy fix.

Is there a way to power the GPS through the USB connector or other method?

Thanks for any ideas.

Hi Johnsinski

I don’t know the HKPilot32, but I would first try to measure if there is any power supplied from the FC-Unit.
I think it should be something of 3.3v or 5v, depending on your GPS Module and your FC.