No GPS or Telemetry

Help needed please.

I now have the Pixhawk all hooked up and working with the M.Planner.

It all connects, the artificial horizon tilts etc.

The lights are flashing on both telemetry Tx & Rx modules but I have no radio data. The airside Tx has intermittant flashing LED’s, orange & yellow and the laptop side Rx has a blinking green LED but no data in the Radio menus.

Same with the GPS. Is the puck antenna supposed to have LED’s ? If so, mine is as dead as a doornail.

I haven’t even hooked up my Radio or Rx yet. Just plugged everything in and powering it with the USB cable from my laptops main usb port.

Any help appreciated.


Paul :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to nut out the GPS problem.

I noticed in the bag the GPS came in there was a loose, spare 6pin connector.

My GPS had a 5pin connector as supplied.

Searching around I discovered the -Negative wire needed to be shifted over one space from pin 5 to pin 6.

I managed to swap the connectors over now my GPS antenna puck it on with a solid green LED.

Still no joy with the radio link.