No connection

Can not get my brand new apm board :exclamation: to connect to my OSX Mavericks, Win 7 Bootcamp or my Vista Toshiba laptop. It does get power and behaves exactly the same as it does if connected to a battery thru the Power Module, lights one as they should.

Anyone else on here familiar with this? I’ve probably spent 20 hours on this, and tried every “fix” I could find online, is it bricked?

Any help is appreciated…


If your PC/laptop has Bluetooth activated, it can interfere with the APM connecting with the MP or other planners. I assume that you have an active COM port for the APM and that the baud rate is set correctly?
TCIII Developer

Have you tried to flash an image yet?

You can see on a OSX if it’s connected by typing ls /dev/cu.usb* in Terminal program

You could also try which will run natively on OSX