No connection to Cube Orange using USB on Windows 10 using parallels on a MacBook Pro

Hi There I have tried several different Cube Oranges and none of them connect on USB to Windows 10 which I am running via Parallels on a MacBook Pro 13 2020 running Monterey. All I get is a ‘No heartbeat packets received’ message. The Cube is powering up fine by the looks of things and using the same cable on a Windows laptop connects first time. It seems that Windows is blocking the connection for some reason. Any ideas? Many thanks.

Have you tried the “driver clean” option in Mission Planner (Ctrl+F → driver clean) and then reinstalling the drivers?

I had the problem on my Win10 machine as well when I tried to connect the Cube Orange first.

Tried that and no luck. Have also tried a full uninstall reinstall of MP and still no luck. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Just thought, this is probably a better thread for the MP specific section. Apologies, moving now…