No cell count beeps when I plug in APM 2.5

I’m struggling to get my quad right and one of the problems is (ie. I think it’s a problem), that when I plug in the APM (with a power module), there is no cell count beeps. On plug in it plays the short melody and then a slightly long beep. No other beeps. It then continues it’s pre-arm checks and arms no problems.

I’m concerned because I keep losing radio contact, triggering RTL, when flying. I can do a range test with no problems on the ground, but as soon as I fly, I get about 100metres out and loose radio contact (perfectly open area, LOS and plenty of altitude). I’m using FrSky module on a Turnigy 9x radio. Rx antennas at 90 and routed well away from everything. Radio and rx have been swapped out for new units, still same problem.

After checking everything else, this (lack of cell count beeps) is the only anomaly that I can come up with. Everything else seems to work fine. All suggestions welcomed!


Disregard, thanks. After posting I realised my mistake. It was of course, the ESC settings. I had it still set on NIMH. To my surprise, default is NiMH. I thought Lipo was default settting. I’ve changed it and it now beeps.

I still have the range issue though!


And, I’ve found out why my range was down, Geofence! Duh! I thought I had disabled it, but hadn’t. Never mind, we live and learn.