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Nimbus Tricopter VTOL

Hi Greg: wow been busy flying all my drones and practicing the FM on the VTOL and everything almost ready to try FBWA again, also i got the JUMPER T16 Pro Fri evening and been busy learning how to setup this thing i finally got the Yaapu telem script installed on it and now i’m studying how to do that mapping stuff AND the You Tube vid i’m watching and he mentioned You as somebody who tested and figured out how to get it running way to Go and i’ll be going over the Vid several times i’m sure when it gets to hot or windy to fly and if you have any good clear suggestions on setting this up I’m all ears. Thanks B.K

Hi Butch,

It sounds like you are making good progress. I don’t have a Jumper T16 radio but I would imagine the setup is similar to the Horux X10. I would think that Alex has the installation already on his Wiki. I did mine last summer and already forgot the details. However, I think I posted the process in his main thread that I linked to above.



We have quadplane like skywalker x8,in Qhover and Qstabilize it’s ok but when change mode to Qloiter, it do transition like fbwa. I want be in vtol mode.
I checked the parameters Q_WVANE_GAIN , Q_VFWD_GAIN but no results. Maybe I didn’t set it right, please guide me.



Can you post a .BIN log file?

Hi dear Greg,

Honestly, I didn’t fly into Qloiter mode, And I currently don’t have access to the vehicle to send log.
Do you think these two parameters are affected?

At this point, it is just a guess. Try setting Q_VFWD_GAIN to 0 as see if QLOITER mode is now a VTOL mode.

Hi Greg: I finally got the Jumper T16 to have Mapping Functions like the Horus and it only took me 5 days lol i couldn’t get that imagic file to run to process the tiles,but i kept fooling with it and got it to work, so my question is do i have to do this setup for each of my models ? Thanks B.K

Hi Butch,

No, just once. All those files are used commonly by all the models. Only the setup params are unique per each model. For that, you need to run the Radio Setup (SYS key), page over to Scripts, select Scripts, then Yaapu and finally menu.luac.

I can never remember which switches I have assigned for the diagnostic screens and zoom levels so I write it down from another working model first. My .zip file somewhere above had the sound files for changing these screens.

Remember that you can always add maps for another flying area or change the zoom levels to suit your needs. It’s a very powerful feature that tells you what you are flying over because your mind gets tricked on the distance. You are often closer than it looks to the eye.


Hi Greg: Thank you for the info i’ll give that a try,the drone i originally set it up with worked perfectly, and I tried it with another drone but it just said no map data and it said the same thing for the Nim VTOL too, i just received a 4.5 inch fpv monitor so i can see and control my gimbals and i rigged something up to put it on the Jumper T16 Pro , Greg here’s hoping you and the Family stay Virus Free and thanks again for your Help. B.K

Thanks, Butch.

Keep in mind that you need a 3D fix for the map data to be displayed. If that still doesn’t work, try going into the model setting’s telemetry screen and select “Discover sensors” to make sure the GPS sensor has been discovered. Then turn off “Discover sensors”.

Good luck!

Hi Greg: I took the Nim VTOL out for a test while using the Jumper T16 Mapping Tx to try it out, Well when i got a 3D fix i took off in Q-Stab then into Q-Hov and then into Q-Loit and i went into Q-RTL on the way back i received a critical voltage alert at 3.7v when it landed safely and turned itself off my voltage went up to 3.9v so i was going to run the batt down just by hovering but when i armed the plane without touching the controls the plane took off and was uncontrollable nothing seemed to work as i was kinda trying everything i could do in a panic mode until it skidded to a crash thank goodness i put Wheels on the front landing gear or i think that the plane would of dug into the ground and would of damaged it alot more than just cracking the CF front landing gear. I’m asking You to view the log in your spare time maybe you can tell what went wrong i’ll also post a Video if you would like to see it,I’m sure i Messed something up in my Haste to fly. Thanks Greg.Cheers

Hey Greg: This is the Video

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Hi Butch,

That second flight was a wild ride! :crazy_face:

As near as I can tell, it looks like you got confused on your left and right aileron stick. On the first flight, the plane was facing away from you so left stick is roll left. On the second flight, it was facing toward you and simply responded to your left aileron input from the transmitter in QSTABILIZE mode. After hitting QRTL the plane was already in a bad position to recover. I always take-off with the plane facing away from me. Remember to use QLOITER for emergency panic situations, not QRTL.



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Hi Greg: I knew i did something stupid then I went into a panic thinking i was going to lose #2 VTOL and started flipping switches to get it on the ground, I usually don’t start the drone face ing me but i was only wanting to lift it up 5-6 feet just to hover to run the batt down to 3.7 , well live and learn, I very thankful for your knowledge and help i’ll try to keep a cool head thanks Greg. B.K

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Good Afternoon Greg: ,I took the VTOL out to try out a Transition into FBWA mode i took off went higher like you suggested and as far as i could tell it went into FBWA and took off flying however i tried to use the ail and rud to bring it around before it got out of range( stupid ME haven’t done a Range test with this Jumper T16 Yet) so i put it off fbwa into Loiter then RTL but it seemed too slow coming back so i’ put into hov/q-stab and kinda quickly bring it back and down and tried to taxi it near me and it hit a clump and flipped upside down, the bin log above didn’t turn blue so i can’t tell if i’m doing it right anyway at your leisure Please take a look and let me know where i messed up Thanks B.K

Hi Butch,

I’m getting some good log analysis practice from your ventures. :slight_smile:

Your experience of not liking the super wide turns that the Nimbus does in FBWA mode can be remedied through some settings changes and experience. Did the plane at least start turning in the desired direction from your stick movement?

The blue area below represents your FBWA mode with a turn to the right. The graph shows that you had some aileron input but it wasn’t for very long and doesn’t seem to be full stick to the left or right. If it was full stick movement, you need to recalibrate your transmitter stick movements in Mission Planner. You can also try increasing the MIXING_GAIN parameter from 1.0 to 1.2. On some of my planes, I keep the aileron cranked all the way left or right on turns.

I have, in the past, experienced incredibly wide turns on the first flights of some models and then fine-tuned settings or control linkages to make them more responsive. With some experience, you can estimate where the plane will come around so that you can then switch into a hover mode and bring it back safely. It looks like QRTL was doing it’s job until you switched into QSTABILIZE mode at the end. Next time, try using QLOITER mode near home so you have less to think about. Also, position yourself so that the plane is over your left or right shoulder to keep the same orientation that you are most comfortable with.

Thank You Greg: At one point when i tried to bring it around it did start but not like i thought it should so thinking my battery was getting low i needed to get it home on the ground, I’ll set it up and give it more Ail and when i try it again i’ll give it more time to bank, On my other planes i could give 2 clicks and it would move immediately i guess i didn’t think it would need 40 acres lol. I lost a big Quad after that today because of low battery that i thought was the flight batt warning so i RTL it was overhead and started coming down but it stopped and took off and ended up into a 5th Wheel 200 yds away and it smashed onto the cement drive way (no damage to the 5th wheel) the Jumper T16 Tx Batt died i hate those 18650 Batts,Thanks again Greg i’m B checking it out when the Batts charged up.B.K

Hello! Is there anyone with experience in Qautotune here? I could use some help from someone who has done it before :slight_smile:


Try posting your question in the QAUTOTUNE thread below. Good luck!

QAUTOTUNE - VTOL autotune for quadplanes

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