Newbie with Pixhawk

Hello there !

I’ve bought a Pixhawk to work with my own project. I have a Traxxas car and I’m looking to control it by using PixHawk along with nVidia Tegra TX2.

So I started looking for some tutorials and more tutorials… then I have some troubles intalling it.

I am going to post only the most elemental problem, I hope to solve the next one by myself.

I want to confirm that the inputs given by the commander (FLY SKY FS-t6) are received in the PixHawk.

For now I installed MIssion Planner, I set the pixhawk with GPS module, the buzzer (sound), the arm button, and the transmitter.

I assume all things are well connected but I give you details of the transmitter:

I am using Fly sky model FS-R6B connected to a PPM encoder (CRIUS v2.0) and then connected to RC-IN of Pixhawk.

In FS-R6B (transmitter) I set in BAT a wire connecting Ground (most right hole with most left one)…
in CH1 I connect the power supply (IN1 / + / - ). So it seems to power the transmitter.

At this point I’m able to bind with the commander so the red light turns estable. Then I connect some Inputs to CH2 - CH3 and so on… to the right most part from the transmitter.

When I try to set (wizzard) the pixhawk, it blocks at step 6/16 showing the following message:

“missing BATT_CAPCITY param …”

The options are given do not match with my knowdledge, but if I skip the windows I can see Radio settings (in order to calibrate controls) and there seems to be that any button from commandment is working.

What should I do? I would like to go step by step.

I do really thank you for your patience.