Newbie to APM


I’m new to APM and I got some problem to it…

I have a quadcopter which work well when I use NAZA before, I fly well and everything work. Than i change the controller to APM, I hook up everything and it seen work in APM planner, but it can’t fly.

The first time I fly it didn’t go up and drift @ about 1ft than crashed…

than I cal the esc, change new set of propeller than try again, slightly better by it end up with same result.

what can I do?? im pettty sure the frame , esc, motor is working (as least with Naza), is than anything i miss??

please help.

you check your motor order and rotation? on naza its from front right site M1 and then in counter Clockwise M2, M3, M4… on APM its M1, M3, M2, M4…
You did care of this?