Newbie setting up a TREX 500 with Flybar - Acro mode problem

Setup is going fairly smoothly, but I can’t figure out the following:

In the heli setup screen, I’ve left the flybarless box UNCHECKED. Swash is CPPM.
I’ve confirmed that controller is in ACRO mode (looking at the mode parameter)
But, the controller still moves the servos in the directions to level the heli, as if I’m in Stabilize mode.


Ron Delahoussaye

Today, I updated to the latest “beta” build of the software, and the behaviour has changed. Stabilize behaves as expected (good control thru the TX, with the autopilot providing “rate” gyro effect on roll and pitch), ACRO mode gives me collective control, but no cyclic control from the TX. The autopilot in ACRO mode appears to be in a self leveling mode. Again, the heli is setup for CCPM with Flybar.

I think this is the behavior described by other posts, and I don’t think this has been resolved yet.

I guess I didn’t say this earlier. I am using the PixHawk.

Ron D.

Hi Ron, you should absolutely not be flying any Beta firmwares. Currently, 3.2 branch does not work at all for helicopters. I’m actually planning on trying to get it working this week.

On 3.1, Acro mode does not work for flybars. I attempted a fix a couple months ago, but there wasn’t a lot of interest in the fix so it never got released. I will try to have it working with 3.2.