Newbie Question: Battery Parameters

I’m building my first drone, and it’s been sitting on my shelf for a few months as I wait for additional parts to arrive from China. A new battery has came today, and I seem to have forgotten everything I read on the wiki since August.

What parameters do I need to change in Mission Planner when I upgrade from a 3s 2700mah battery to a 4s 6000mah battery? I know there’s battery capacity text box under Optional Hardware, Battery Monitor. But is that it? I can’t seem to find anywhere to tell it I’ve gone from 3s to 4s. Surely it doesn’t autodetect?

I’m reading the pages at CUAV HV PM (High voltage power module) — Copter documentation and Battery Monitors (aka Power Monitors/Modules) — Copter documentation but they don’t say anything about telling the FC what kind of battery is connected. Could someone point me at the right wiki page?

Update to the very latest mission planner and to the “tuning process instructions” from the wiki

Thank you very much!

Quick followup question: I see there is also a parameter “BATT_LOW_VOLT” which was at 10.2V. Is this also related to the 3s battery? Should I set it to 13.6 for a 4s battery?

Use the Initial Parameters section to put in you prop size and battery cells (and chemistry) and that will populate those battery parameters and some others.
Best to also choose the “suggested parameters” too.