Newbie outta DJI

Alright I’m a complete newbie with a newbie question. I’m jumping ship from DJI, after 4 months trying to setup an A2 in an S800 I gave up and bought a Pixhawk 4. I’m working my way through but there are 2 items that elude me sofar. First when I go into mission planner I am stuck on Mode 1 in my radio setup, how do I change to Mode 2 (US) and second the S800 is a Hex but Mission planner thinks it is a quad, How do I correct this??
Thank you in advance for your help and patience!!

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Hi Frank @fehujber and welcome to our community.

I think you would need to elaborate on your question.

As I understood it, you are talking about your remote control unit?

If this is your question than mode 1 and 2 usually refers to the position of the throttle, 1 is right throttle and 2 is left throttle.

If it’s not what’s your asking do elaborate and specify model and more info.

Frank, I don’t want to discourage you, but if you did not managed to set up an A2 with a S800 frame in four months, then Pixhawk won’t be any easier. I strongly recommend to put your s800 aside and get a cheap small hexa frame which you can experiment on, and learn Ardupilot. Repair a crash is lot cheaper on a small frame than the s800.

I hear you however the A2 was used and no matter how I configured it she would not take off straight I firmly believe I had an IMU that was damaged. Thus rather than throwing more money into obsolete equipment I decided to jump over to a new pixhawk.

Sorry I was not clear, I’m using a turnigy 10 channel with ppm, and when I go into the servo/radio setup I’m getting right stick throttle but the radio is configured with left stick throttle and I can’t figure out where the setting is to go to mode 2.

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Sorry I cannot help on this model. I am using FrSky and Skydroid.

Is the radio configured AETR? If not… Make it So :grinning: And then configure the Frame Class and Frame Type parameters appropriate for your craft and re-boot. If you are totally unfamiliar with Arducopter you may want to post your parameter file so we can see if the basic configuration is correct.

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Well for a bit of followup. My Mode1 vs Mode2 issue was only onscreen, the radio was set up correctly. As for the quad vs hex issue it also appears just an issue onscreen. So far I’ve gotten most of my settings right, the only issues I’m having right now are setting the compass physical offsets on the aircraft and the motors shutting down under radio test, this could be batteries needing a cycle. All is being done without props and sitting on a work table, no crashing. Also the accelerometer needs recalibrating, left and right are reversed onscreen. It is a learning experience.

The radio is working correctly it just displays backward when calibrating. Mode2