Newbie lots of problems with arducopter please help

hi I still have not properly flown my copter properly. I have hk pilot 2.7 3.2.13 firmware I believe lea-6h gps power module telemetry radio not using Osd. Turnigy Tgy-i6transmitter and 6 channel rec mode 2.

  1. When setting up with the wizard the remote shows all the right directions inside the setup wizard, when both sticks are pushed up the green bars go up and left goes left on the green bars as well. So I would say the remote is set up correctly with all channels set to normal on the remote control.

Yet when I attach the power lead on my copter having the throttle stick low as you should do puts my Escs in programming mode? So I thought why don’t I just start the remote low as you have to and then push the throttle high this should then just give me the three esc beeps and ready to go. This sometimes works but sometimes I get programming mode? Any advice on this. I have done full cal in mission planner. Is there something wrong in my remote settings? If I chose reverse channel 3 in the remote settings then yes I get the copter on and it gives three beeps but in mission planner then the green bar goes down when I push the stick up and vice verser so this isn’t right then is it?

  1. After connecting power to my copter and when it doesn’t enter cal esc mode and is theoretically ready for arming. My mission planner shows in red battery A V 0.0. no gps in red. The telemetry is connected but I can’t arm and I have even disabled all preflight checks in the standard parameters, I don’t understand what’s happening?

On the whole I have had a very poor customer support from hobbyking with this and I am starting to wish I hadn’t started this project please can you help.

As I recall, I had to reverse the throttle in the 9x, but this did show as backward in the radio tuning screen of mission planner. The ESC should not go into calibration mode with the throttle low. Good luck and don’t give up. Lots of fun ahead!