Newbie Hexa problem

Hi ,
I configured my APM with Hexa+ configuration. Calibrate accell and compass and radio.

When i try copter in my hand. compensations looks like working when i bend left right motors power down and left motors powerup. When i tryin these in one minute of the left motor stops and right motor powersup and other left is stop and rights up. I close the throttle after 3 seconds tried everything is normal. But after 20seconds if occours again ?

Could any one help me ?


ensure the apm is mounted right in flight direction !
ensure spinning rotation of motors and blades are correct ! cw -ccw - cw etc
ensure the motors are plugged in the right channel of the APM !
go outside pute your copter on the ground …go to stabilize mode …arme it and raise
carefully the throttle …if blades are spinng try carefully nick and rol with your radio…
is the copter moving in the right direction ?
if yes raise further with nick rol in neutral position …take off…

choose a soft underground if problem occures :slight_smile:
greets ,