Newbie 3DR Quad not very stable

I’m having stability problems with my new 3DR Quad. I can get it off the ground but it will not hover in place, I am constantly having to move it forward, or back, or left and right. If it’s drifting backwards and I make a minor forward correction it will continue to drift forward, if I correct with a minor backwards correction it will then continue to drift backwards, I am not holding the stick in that direction, I make the correction and then let the stick center but it will continue to drift in whatever direction I corrected.

Same thing for left and right. I’m doing this in my basement so there is no wind or outside factors influencing the direction. The throttle control is good as I can get the throttle to just barely lift off the ground and stay there, but the copter drifts all over the place.

I’m trying to just get the copter to lift off the ground maybe 1 to 2 feet and just hover there, I know it’ll never stay perfectly still, but I’d expect when I correct not for the unit to continue to drift in that direction.

Any help on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated. I don’t feel comfortable taking it out for a real test flight until I can get a controlled flight steady and practice keeping it in relative place.


There is plenty of wind in your basement, the quad is creating it. Unless you have a motion capture rig you cannot expect the machine to stay in one place. Be very careful flying in confined conditions and do not be tempted to even try GPS hold indoors. Its harder flying in a small space than a big one you are probably over controlling. Even so you will find after a while you can make a better of keeping it in one place, so long as you don’t hit a wall or ceiling.

Go find a field with nobody about and try again out side.

As Gary says above, your copter is making it’s own wind.
Stabilize mode is not designed to hold the copter fixed in one spot, it is designed to stabilize it so that it sits horizontally in the air column.
Breezes and propwash will cause it to drift.
Loiter mode uses the GPS to cause the copter to self correct and attempt to hold it’s position, but it also is subject to short distance drift and accuracy of the GPS reading.
And in your basement it is very unlikely to work.
The Parrot uses Optical flow to maintain itself in position when hovering and this is an option for our copters as well.
The new PX4Flow Camera will permit this with our copters using PX4 or Pixhawk as well (once it is implemented in firmware).
As it is though, stabilize is just that stabilize, not stand still.