New to the hobby arducopter?

I have just bought a drone building kit and I’m having problems updating the firmware 0n my arducopter flight controller[fc].when I try to connect fc with mission planner in the setup menu .i click on the copter 4.07 and it just says i need ti update to latest frimware. then when i try to do this it says unable to find board id .leaving my only option to use bootloader .this then warns me it could brick the fc .i think its a arduino mega 2650 .any assistance would be greatly appreciated

You might have an old APM flight controller, in which case it is very outdated and Arducopter 3.2 is the most recent firmware available.
If you really do have an Arduino Mega then it will only run Arduino code and is not a real flight controller - it cant run multiple loops at difference rates and numerous other requirements.
Check the list of supported hardware:

Does yours look like this?

Even though it’s possible to get one flying (and plenty of people still have them) there is no real support, everyone has moved on. It should be a punishable offense to keep selling them.
It’s like selling a Morris Minor to a new driver, and they are under the impression it will keep up with other cars on the freeway, and the airconditioning will be nice in the summer - false advertising!

Just don’t upgrade if you can’t, if it runs 3.2.1 then it’s an Apm and outdated as mentioned above, but you can get it running without issues normally, just skip updating firmware and proceed

Do you have any ideas on a very budget friendly flight controller replacement.thanks for the help mate

I’m very pleased with the Matek F405 series (wing, CTR, STD, WSE). I’ve used them in planes and copters and they’ve worked well for me. mRo Pixracer R15 is another good choice.