New to Pixhawk in a Heli, need a little help Please

Thanks to all in advance for any help.
I know I am way behind times but I am just now trying to use a Pixhawk PX4 on a 450 Helicopter. I have been flying heli with APM 2.6 for a couple years now and with lots of help from Chris and others on this forum and I have had pretty good luck, at least it has been coming home in 1 piece.
Would someone please post a Pixhawk on a 450 heli parameter file, I would only use it for reference just to see if I am on the right path.
I am not interested in acrobatics just fun flying.
450 HK heli, Pixhawk px4, arducopter heli ver 3.4.2, tarot FBL head, digital servos, Flysky th-9x using PPm encoder with Flysky 9ch receiver.


I would sincerely recommend that you go to the 3.6 version. The improvements are great, and we already have a well balanced parameter file to get everybody a easy start.
Also, follow Chris videos to set-up the heli on ArduPilot Wiki :slight_smile:

Let’s get the heli maintainers (@ChrisOlson and @bnsgeyer ) the support they deserve, to bring TradHeli this far.

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I agree totally, regarding the two Heli developers!!

@LuisVale and @FRED_GOEDDERT, thanks for your support and accolades!