New Terrain Following Parameter Request

In Terrain Following modes there is a parameter available to turn terrain following ON or OFF. I’d like to inquire if a third parameter could be added…a ‘Limited Altitude Decsent’ amount.

My thinking:
In terrain following and flying across ridgelines (over valleys) the plane will climb to clear an approaching ridge line, but then descent into the valley only needing to climb again as it approached the next ridge line. It would be nice to control the terrain following response so after it climbed it would not descent or only descent a user selectable amount as it cleared obstacles. A descent parameter of 0 would effective stop the plane from diving after clearing an obstacle. A descent of 100 (meters) would only dive the plane to 100M below the altitude needed to clear an obstacle.

A 3-way switch could either turn off terrain following (stay in altitude hold mode), turn on terrain following (to climb/dive over changes in terrain), or ‘Limited Descent’ to climb to over terrain, but not reduce AGL or only reduce altitude to a user defined amount as terrain falls away).

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