New Range Finder Altimeter - Pixhawk

Attollo Engineering has a new to the market Laser Rangefinder that some customers use as an altimeter. It currently has a UART communication interface. Is there a driver out there now that can translate from UART to Pixhawk? Link to product:

We don’t have a driver for this lidar so I’m afraid it’s not supported. We support many other range finders though. My personal favourites are from lightware.

It’s not too difficult to add a driver and I’ve written a sensor driver wiki page to get people started. Still, if you’ve never done any ArduPilot development there is a bit of a learning curve.

To get a driver written, we would just need to find a volunteer developer who is interested or find someone to fund one of the existing developers (see commercial support wiki page).

I’d be happy to take it on but the issue would be they (Attollo Engineering or a 3rd party wanting it developed) would need to provide one to test with.

We can provide a WASP for you to use during test. Let me know how you want to work this.

(office) 805.384.8046
(Mobile) 805.245.9979

I’ll be in contact shortly with details.

Do you have more info on this sensor?
What is the message stream?
What is the price?

We have three variants – UART out – commercial grade $500, RS-232 and CAN both IP67 – price dependent on quantity but closer to $5K.


Attollo Engineering - WASP-LRF 200.pdf (568 KB)

Ok thanks
I asked about the message stream because we have many rangefinder drivers and it might be readily compatible to an existing one