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New Range Finder Altimeter - Pixhawk

(Tony Vengel) #1

Attollo Engineering has a new to the market Laser Rangefinder that some customers use as an altimeter. It currently has a UART communication interface. Is there a driver out there now that can translate from UART to Pixhawk? Link to product:

(rmackay9) #2

We don’t have a driver for this lidar so I’m afraid it’s not supported. We support many other range finders though. My personal favourites are from lightware.

It’s not too difficult to add a driver and I’ve written a sensor driver wiki page to get people started. Still, if you’ve never done any ArduPilot development there is a bit of a learning curve.

To get a driver written, we would just need to find a volunteer developer who is interested or find someone to fund one of the existing developers (see commercial support wiki page).

(cbrk1) #3

I’d be happy to take it on but the issue would be they (Attollo Engineering or a 3rd party wanting it developed) would need to provide one to test with.

(Tony Vengel) #4

We can provide a WASP for you to use during test. Let me know how you want to work this.

(office) 805.384.8046
(Mobile) 805.245.9979

(cbrk1) #5

I’ll be in contact shortly with details.

(ppoirier) #6

Do you have more info on this sensor?
What is the message stream?
What is the price?

(Tony Vengel) #7

We have three variants – UART out – commercial grade $500, RS-232 and CAN both IP67 – price dependent on quantity but closer to $5K.


Attollo Engineering - WASP-LRF 200.pdf (568 KB)

(ppoirier) #8

Ok thanks
I asked about the message stream because we have many rangefinder drivers and it might be readily compatible to an existing one

(Tony Vengel) #9

We have developed our own command set and communication protocol, so it’s likely not supported by existing hardware/drivers. It is human readable ASCII and explained in our ICD. We will be posting the preliminary ICD to the website ( shortly.