New Motor Screws

So I got the new Motor Screws from 3DR (Thanks!!)

I am having a hard time getting them in. It looks like the heads are slightly larger, and thus they run up against the plastic leg frame. They are really tight to get in. I got 4 in successfully (1 of each), but had to loosen the other screws. Now that I got the 4 in though, I can’t loosen them to get the last 4 in.

Any tips or tricks?? Maybe I should have got all 8 done at the same time, because now the locktite has dried and so if I pull the 4 out or loosen them even, I’ll need to re-locktite them.

Am wondering why I put myself through this now, the 8 short screws I had were all locktited (by me) and working fine (none were loose even after a few semi-hard landings). sigh

They should be the same except 2mm longer. There should be no difference in the heads.

In my opinion you need to remove the 4 you have installed, and install the 2 screws at the same time, motor by motor. Apply locktite for all the 8 screws.

In finishing this up finally, I can tell doing 1 motor then the other helps somewhat, but they were lined up already. The real issue is the OLD locktite crud is likely stuck in there, as even with the other screw loose, it was hard to get the 2nd one in after a few threads. This is so annoying that I ended up stripping the heads of 2 screws and now I don’t know if they are fully tightened or not (the other 2 are tight for sure though). It just leads me to wonder why these screws are so important yet so small and have such small heads and the supplied tools are very cumbersome to use. I checked my 3 other allan wrench sets and none of them fit. Really I need a drill bit set of allan wrenches for my power screwdriver.

You don’t want to use power tools on small screws like these unless you have a torque setting on your drill, they will strip out before you even realize it.

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Yeah I would set the torque setting to 1.

But right now using this janky mini allan wrench, I am barely able to get it properly tightened, and it just slowly eats away at the allan head until it will eventually be stripped. With a power tool, that wouldn’t happen (again it has to be on a lower torque setting).

The other day I flue my copter into a tree. After checking the copter over I notice that one of the screws was missing from the motor mount. Check the other screw and it came out as well. Checked the motor and found that both screw holes were stripped. Tried to figure out a way to use the other two holes with no luck.
Went to the hardware store and purchased new longer screws M3X10 and mangled them back into the stripped threads. Don’t need Loctite on those screws.
Also purchased a new motor just in case.