New member Modi-Fly is on a blacklist

I ran a check on new member Modi-Fly and he is on one blacklist. His first post is a genuine post so I guess that we just have to watch him and see how he performs. If he had not already posted, I would have deleted him as a member.
TCIII Developer


please be careful with manually deleting users due to blacklists.
First, there is 2 categories when you recheck: “would have been blocked” and “found but would not have been blocked”. The latter usually means, that somebody in the same network or provider has been spamming, so that’s just a notification.
Then, it’s also very possible that somebody just “inherited” a dynamic IP which was earlier used by a spammer.

I know that sometimes spammers get through the blacklist, but we still have the new user moderation in place, so we can delete based on behavior.


Hi Stefan,
Point well taken.
Tom C