New Journey Remote Questions

I have a new Journey and believe I am having trouble with the remote. When powered on it alternates between red and green under the GPS and alternates between the 2 greens under normal and sport. The Skyviper 2 app doesn’t see the remote but connects to the drone fine. Is there any trick to make this connect or does my remote have a problem.

Sound like remote may have a problem.

The behavior you describe means that the TX isn’t paired to the drone. Try powering them both up, and set them down very close to each other. Let them sit for awhile, as after a minute or two, the frame will try to pair with any available close-by signal.

Sounds like one of your antenna (either TX or Flight Board) might be loose. If possible, I’d return it to where you bought it for a replacement. If that isn’t possible, try reaching out to the Customer Support team at Skyrocket. They are finally getting out from under the Holiday slam and should be able to help you quickly.