New IRIS - RC Transmitter not working and now APM doesn't

We recently got a 3DR IRIS. We could connect through APM Planner, and were able to get the firmware updated to arducopter 3.1.5 (after turning off signed drivers for the USB driver). I could connect to the IRIS through the usb radio. It appeared to work correctly – I got the GPS signal and other telemetry. However, I was unable to get it to fly using the RC Transmitter, and didn’t want to attempt to use the autopilot if the transmitter didn’t work. After trying a variety of methods suggested elsewhere on these forums to get the RC Transmitter working, I attempting to re-pair the transmitter with the IRIS as described in this video: (which, again, I found on another post here). I performed the suggested procedure, and the RC Transmitter still won’t connect. Now, APM Mission Planner won’t connect either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve attempted to follow the instructions exactly but it’s certainly possible I messed up somewhere. I’d like to get my IRIS off the ground.


Just after writing the above, I tried plugging the usb cable directly from the IRIS into the computer. Suddenly, it appeared to pair correctly, and everything seems to be working now – the transmitter works and APM works.

Perhaps the magic of asking a stupid question fixed my IRIS… Thanks for all who read this.