New Iris -> no telemetry link, no RC

Hi there!

I just received my brand new IRIS and started by learning the pre & postflight checklists. So I charged the battery, turned on the transmitter, put the battery into the IRIS (props not yet installed) and tried to get a telemetry link to my laptop.

My first problem is that I cannot etablish a MAV link. Both telemetry radios are just blinking green, so they are looking for each other but it seems not to work. By using the provided config tool I was able to read the settings of the module attached to my laptop. I also was able to update the firmware from 1.7 to 1.9 but still without luck. So I connected the IRIS to my laptop with the provided USB cable and updated the firmware for the pixhawk - still no luck.

My next idea would be to update the firmware from the telemetry radio on the IRIS. Did that already happen with the firmware update for the pixhawk or not? And if not, how to do it (open the IRIS an connect the module via USB to the laptop)? Is there anything else that I have to do in order to get the telemetry link working?

My next problem is the RC transmitter. When the IRIS is connected to the laptop with the USB cable, I am able to connect by using the Mission Planer. For example I can see the current GPS state, the compass orientation, yaw, pitch, roll and all that stuff (telemetry). Unfortunately, I always get “RC not calibrated” warnings and the led is blinking yellow that indicated that there is no proper RC signal. So I tried to calibrate the remote, but the bars in the calibration Dialog stay empty, no matter what I do on the transmitter. Is there anything needed to bind the tx and rx?!?

Sorry for all that questions, I just went trough all provided informations but was not able to find answers, so thank you for your help!

Ok, I removed the top shell from the iris and connected the radio module directly to my computer and opened the config tool. Unlike the “ground” radio, the “air” radio then shows solid red. The config tool is unable to load the settings of that radio (fails by the second or third command). But I was successfully able to upload new firmware by using the conifg tool! However, that did not resolve my problem and I am still not able to load the settings of the “air” radio and I also cannot etablish a connection between the two.

When the shell was opnened and I then connected the IRIS to the computer again, I noticed that the rc receiver’s led is blinking red, also when the transmitter is on. Is this normal?

Update: For the receiver prob I just had to rebind the tx and rx, strange because 3DR states that this has been done already…anyway, sorry for spaming!

Still, the telemetry problem remains :confused:

Hello Phippu,

Please verify the Net ID and and TX Power on both 3DR Radios.
The Net ID needs to match (be the same) on both telemetry radios.
If you are having trouble to Save the settings (or load them) when using the configuration tool on Mission Planner, then please try to disconnect the DF13 6 position cable from the radio that you’re trying to configure.

Thanks, disconnectioin the DF13 6 worked fine (pretty hard to remove without damaging anything)! Now I’am ready for my first flight:-D