New Iris+ Bad Gyro Health

Hello all,
New to the forum. I have a new Iris+, I had the flip on low battery landing problem as mentioned in another thread, also if an attempt to disarm the motors ( throttle down and left) before they reach idle speed the motors spin up and the copter can not be disarmed and motors stopped, until armed sequence (throttle down and right) is performed. 3dr tech had me upgrade the firmware to the beta version, problem persisted however a new problem arose. “Bad Gyro Health” errors preventing arming. Resetting power multiple times results in problem going away. I downgraded back to 3.2 and still had the “Bad Gyro Health” error until I calibrated. I am not sure it is cured, as it has only been a few minutes since the upgrade. Is it possible there is a real hardware problem? I’m not sure it safe to fly. I plan con contacting 3dr, but just thought I would get a few opinions first.

Bad Gyro Heath means you are moving the vehicle while it is calibrating the gyros at powerup. I think what is happening is that by repeating the powerup sequence multiple times you are just getting one time when you are not moving it.

The gyros are calibrated when the LED flashes Red and Blue. Something we have noticed with the Iris is that people put the battery in and are busy closing the battery door and moving the vehicle while the gyros are being calibrated. The better procedure is to plug the battery in and wait for the gyros to finish calibrating before closing the door. i.e wait until the RED & BLUE LEDs stop flashing and then close the door.

Please make sure you are using the 3.2 version of the code. The warning may not appear in other versions of the code but the problem of moving the vehicle is still there!

Thanks for the fast reply,
I am pretty sure most of the time I wait for the yellow flashing light, after the red/blue sequence or the flashing green, before closing the door or moving the Iris, after plugging in the battery. I am aware of allowing the gyro to initialize., however I will pay attention to this in the future. There were 2 instances where the battery was not in the Iris, laying on the ground below it, Iris was not disturbed and the Bad Gyro Health appeared. The Iris was slightly off level and may have been the cause. I recently got new alarms, bad velocity (under the beta software), and bad gps health, under 3.2, with a lock on 7 sats. This has all occurred within the last 2 days. Previous to this, no error issues. Thanks again for you reply, I will watch carefully for the conditions in which errors occur.

Well I was able to duplicate the bad gyro health by moving Iris when powering up, so maybe I caused this although I try to be careful about letting it sit still while starting up. However I still get the occasional bad velocity, while sitting still. It goes away on its on sometimes, other times power reset clears it, and everything seems to work ok. Just concerned about bad hardware. Any Ideas?