New Frame_type based on QUAD +

Hi Team,

I have a VTOL “QUAD +” variant with 2 main EDFs ( motor 3 and 4 ) located in a blended wing body and 2 side motors ( motor 1 and 2 ) which can tilt forward and backward. (Tilt wings)

Flight state copter:
Motor 3 and 4 produce main lift and adjust pitch. motor 1 and 2 work for roll control. Yaw is done by tilting 1 forward and 2 backward and the other way round.

When airspeed raises, transition sets 1 and 2 as tiltwings full forward and the AoA works like ailerons / elevators.

I know how to configure in PX4 using custom mixers but now I want to move to ArduPilot. Any suggestions for a template on this?

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