New FPV from 3dR. Anyone get one?

I was looking at the BlackOps setup, but I think the new system from 3DR looks pretty hot. I had hoped that the directional antenna for the radio was also replaced with a sphere, but otherwise it looks like a good setup.

Anyone buy one yet?


Yep, got one of the first ones off the assembly line. Have not used it a lot yet but seems to work well.

Wanted it to be able to see what I was filming so I could properly frame the target image.

You need to get the programming cable as I had to update the firmware that came on the MinimOSD to clean up the screen overlay. For the price they should have thrown that in.

Also be careful when putting in the GoPro cable that you don’t plug it in backwards. It does fit and burns out the battery charger on the camera. Not good.


i found the same minimOSD for $10 here- … imosd.html