New firmware release 2017-11-24

I’ve made a new test firmware release for the SkyViper. After this goes through QA testing we expect it will be rolled out as the default firmware in a week or so.

If you’d like to get involved in testing this release then you can get the firmware here:
testing would be very welcome! Please post your results here (with logs if appropriate)

The changes in this release are:

  • fixed race condition in I2C device probe
  • disable GPS adjustment of origin height in EKF2 (fixes change of home height in app when getting GPS lock in flight)
  • initialise inclination and field intensity of mag field state from global tables in EKF2. This prevents local magnetic fields from causing bad initial earth field states.
  • re-check a failed magnetic field test after takeoff, disabing compass learning that was triggered by field strength if the field strength comes within limits within 10 seconds of takeoff
  • improved SITL performance with SkyViper branch
  • fixed combined calibration in web UI
  • added reset of barometer calibration to web UI
  • added display of default parameters in web UI
  • added ability to restore default parameters in web UI

Happy flying!

Are these fixes upstream relevant ? Will they get merged at some point ?

Some are already upstream, some are to the Sonix firmware (not part of ArduPilot), and some still need to be submitted as PRs upstream