New feature request--command based on parachute deployment

I would like to request a feature for arducopter. I am running a pixhawk with 3.6 I would like the capability to make a command happen based on parachute deployment. So recently I had an auto deploy due to a bad esc or motor (not sure which, upgraded both to newer ) when the quad came down it landed on it’s bottom and destroyed my 200$ camera gimbal and partially hurt my GoPro. I was wondering if there is a way we could select an option to have the landing gear deploy based on auto chute deployment. This would I believe aid in the destruction of a gimbal and camera. Even if the landing gear is slightly damaged, it would still be cheaper for me to replace a 30$ set of landing gear than replace 400-500$ of gimbal and camera equipment. Until then, I have clipped my chute connection to the bottom of the quad as this will cause it to fall on it’s top but I’d still it rather fall correctly . Thank you in advance and thank you to all the hard working developers working on this project. The community really owes everything to all of you

@WickedShell can this be done in lua ?

I’m not sure what you mean, what is lua?